Standard takes on a new significance

Listening carefully to our customers’ expectations, we have created a new-generation LED bulkhead, which always goes a step further with its capabilities.

Let us introduce Dione


Discover the four most important common advantages

Very quick assembly

For the sake of the working comfort and significant savings for the assembly team, Lena Lighting designers have developed an innovative assembly process, which allows the luminaire to be mounted more quickly than other competitive products available on the market.

Additional equipment

One luminaire provides many possibilities of application. Extending the basic version of Dione with RCR motion sensor, DALI control or a corridor version will bring substantial energy savings translating into lower electricity bills. Versions equipped with an emergency module and anti-theft (vandal-resistant) protection are also available.

Functional design

A designed from scratch modern luminaire incorporating a number of innovative functional solutions (including a suspension kit with a LED GO! module, a quick connector, etc.), contributing to a fast and smooth assembly.

Higher IP65 tightness

Water, steam and moisture are factors that need to be kept in mind when choosing luminaires. They can damage the device or even lead to a dangerous short circuit. These luminaires are steam-resistant and splash-proof. The IP65 class ensures very good protection – the luminaire is completely resistant to dust and water penetration from any direction.

Understanding our customers’ needs...

“Designing bulkhead luminaires may seem a relatively simple task. They are products of a simple structure, whose design has remained unchanged for years. In the case of Dione LED luminaire, I tried to design it completely from scratch. I wanted to look through the investor’s and contractor’s eyes, taking into account their needs and answering the question why they would decide to purchase our latest bulkhead from the vast variety of products offered by the market. As a result, we have created a product that meets the highest possible standards. Impeccable lighting aesthetics, excellent lighting parameters, subtle profile, solid and durable materials, very high tightness and a number of innovative functional solutions enabling a much faster assembly. These are the advantageous aspects of Dione LED, which is just entering the market.”
Michał Jaraczewski
Luminaire designer, R&D Lena Lighting

Which version do you choose?

DIONE LED are luminaires that combine high aesthetics with great lighting parameters. The body is made of ABS and the opal diffuser is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate (PC). Two luminaire variants can be adjusted to many non-standard applications.

Dione LED

The basic line of luminaires incorporates the combination of high-quality components and price, while meeting all electrical and lighting standards. The Dione basic version offers an excellent price to quality ratio. Available in 12W and 18W versions with the maximum luminous flux of 1800 lm.


The PLUS version luminaire line consists of branded components from recognised global manufacturers. It is characterised by extended service life and warranty, increased lighting efficiency and optimal electricity consumption (Power Factor). It is also possible to expand the luminaires with lighting control functions. Available in 13W and 22W versions with the maximum luminous flux of 2550 lm.

It fears no rain

Higher IP65 tightness means even more possibilities of application.

Dione luminaires are steam-resistant and splash-proof. They are completely resistant to dust and water penetration from any direction. It enables them to operate for many years without the risk of failure.

Ergonomic arrangement of components
and a unique system of diffuser suspension

Our products are always created in cooperation with clients.
We have implemented their ideas many times, which is why the products
from our latest family of bulkhead luminaires are characterised by so many innovative solutions.

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Corridor function

Smart lighting = saving electricity

Options for the installer –power connection

The “click in” system – snap fasteners to mount the diffuser


Mount the luminaire


Bring the diffuser with the LED

panel closer to the body


Snap the diffuser in place – CLICK and it’s done!

Percentage indicating how much faster the mounting of Dione can be71%

Side views of the luminaire

Additional equipment options available

Additional energy savings will translate into measurable financial benefits. Lighting control is an investment that will always pay off!

RCR motion sensor

Active microwave sensor invisible from the outside, allowing more efficient use of lighting – it reduces energy consumption and the corresponding costs of energy. It provides intelligent lighting control and allows you to maintain high luminaire tightness (installation inside the luminaire). The sensor allows to adjust illuminance (day-night identification), length of working time (switch off delay) and effective range of operation (detection field radius).

DALI, corridor version

The corridor solution is especially useful in places, where constant minimal illumination of the monitored surface is required. When the luminaire is at rest, it constantly emits 10% of the nominal flux value, and when it detects movement, it smoothly switches into 100% mode. DALI is a protocol enabling communication between the installation’s end components (luminaires) and the control system, regardless of the applied technological solutions. It allows to build complete lighting systems based on components from any manufacturer.

Vandal-resistant protection

A special, dedicated solution that protects the luminaire against unauthorised opening, devastation or theft. Recommended particularly in places which are not under constant video surveillance.

Emergency module

Additional equipment designed to provide safety during evacuation by maintaining the luminous flux after a power outage. The working time in emergency mode is 1–3 hours and depends on the capacity of the applied battery.

The RCR function is available in both luminaire versions, other functions are available only in the PLUS version.

Selected accomplished projects and visualisations

What makes us different and competitive?

30 years of experience

We know everything about luminaires and lighting systems: we examine their possibilities and design, test and manufacture them. We combine practice with modernity. The company has been listed on the WSE main market in Poland since 2005.

Polish production

We strive for continuous development, which is why we are one of the best manufacturers of luminaires in the country. We take advantage of our experts’ knowledge, as well as the state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Lighting design

We make visualisations and free lighting designs using specialised computer software. We also make calculations of profitability and energy efficiency of lighting. Trust the professionals.

Lumens from a watt!
Watts of saved energy

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